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        ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification  
        Refrigerator Plastic Parts
        Refrigerator door handles
        Freezer Lock
        Freezer Hinge
        Showcase Accessories
        Cold box plastic parts

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        Ningbo Zhonhglian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
             Established in 1993, Ningbo Zhonglian Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a middle-scale private-owned enterprise specializing in producing various specifications of plastic parts and hardware fittings, in addition, it processes different kinds of molding injections and foreign trades. Presently, it has the ability to develop
        advanced large, middle and small injection equipments and moulds. There are 8 sets of injection molding equipments from 15g to 300g; 8 sets from 500g to 6300g ...more>>
        Our strengths
        With advanced production ...
        Based locally, look at the whole country ...
        Since your future, finally We smile...
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